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Wow, I can not express how amazing gaining has been. To see all the changes that have been happening to my body, some small and some you don't notice how big they are till you look at older pi...
+8lbs, currently: 273lbs, goal: 333lbs
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About to hit 300 club, and probably pass my goal in the middle of October
+26lbs, currently: 295lbs, goal: 312lbs
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I don’t even need to count calories the way I stuff my face. I love how I feel being able to eat all day long whatever I want to. This is so much fun I can’t wait to see how fast I can get to m...
+30lbs, currently: 150lbs, goal: 180lbs
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I've always been the skinny underweight one, secretly jealous of the thiccer guys&gals. But now I feel like my metabolism is finally slowing down and I want to take advandage of that. I ...
+22lbs, currently: 132lbs, goal: 200lbs
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Last night a had a dream I was double my current weight. Was disappointed when I woke up :( but I weighed myself and I’ve gained 9lbs xx
+9lbs, currently: 120lbs, goal: lbs
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I had hoped that I would have gained a little weight…I weighed 106 kilos before my holiday. and hoped 110 ... but I weighed 112 so very happy
+15lbs, currently: 233lbs, goal: 100lbs
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2 weeks
I'm so happy that I'm gaining weight
+30lbs, currently: 150lbs, goal: 100lbs
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Two years ago I moved to a part of town with dozens of restaurants within a quick walk or drive. I joked at the time I'd get fat. Fast forward to current day and it's not a joke anymore. ...
+26lbs, currently: 181lbs, goal: 190lbs
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2 weeks
30 wings to myself please
+30lbs, currently: 150lbs, goal: 213lbs
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Well, I've had some interesting experiences as I've grown over the years. Now I've finally got that point where my fat stops me from doing certain things. For example, I was supposed...
+4lbs, currently: 254lbs, goal: 400lbs
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