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5 days
Yaaaa germany. Turned into more weight than I thought
+30lbs, currently: 220lbs, goal: lbs
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I want 175kg about
+0lbs, currently: 350lbs, goal: lbs
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For four weeks I've been eating excessively and on the weekends I'm fattened up until I'm about to burst. I like the results on the scales. I can't wait to keep getting fatter
+22lbs, currently: 154lbs, goal: 225lbs
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finally 280lbs i can’t believe it😍 20 more till 30🐷
+3lbs, currently: 280lbs, goal: 300lbs
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i was afraid of plateauing for a while but college has been soooo good to me hehe. officially morbidly obese!! i’ve had to start buying size 22 pants bc my tummy has gotten too big for my size 20...
+14lbs, currently: 256lbs, goal: lbs
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6 days
Gained 10 pounds in 10 days
+10lbs, currently: 210lbs, goal: lbs
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I guess stuffing my face with donuts and pizza all week is working out just fine :)
+10lbs, currently: 240lbs, goal: 799lbs
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I can eat over 6500 cal in just 8 min so
+30lbs, currently: 433lbs, goal: lbs
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1 week
32oz of heavy cream with chocolate syrup yesterday. 5oz of peanut butter.
+2lbs, currently: 209lbs, goal: 220lbs
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45 pounds to go!
+10lbs, currently: 355lbs, goal: 400lbs
3 entries
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