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General topics of interest that don't fit in other categories. Don't have to be weight gain related.
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Share your funny or interesting experiences living life as a large person, fat admirer, feeder or gainer.
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Useful advice you'd like to share or questions you'd like to ask relating to the lifestyle.
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Tell us about your real life or online meet-ups, dinners and food parties. Must be open to all.
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Find the person you're ideally looking for by telling us about yourself here.

Sexy and fantasy

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Tips and discussion for people trying to put on weight.
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Tips and discussion for people trying to feed and fatten others.
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All about eating large quantities of food, funnel feeding and bloating.
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What's it like to be hugely obese? How to cope with immobility, bariatric equipment, SSBBW and BHM partners.
644 topics
The sexy dark side of weight gain. Force feeding, teasing and humiliation, cannibalism, adult nursing.
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Inflating your body with air or liquids.
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Padding out your clothes to make yourself appear fatter. Public and private experiences. Cushions, foam and silicone.
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Tell us about your favourite foods, the best places to eat or share your recipes.

Content creators

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Share tips and advice on writing greatly admired and highly entertaining weight gain stories.
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Discuss techniqies, compare styles, rate software with the aim of creating first-rate weight gain artwork.
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Share tips and techniques for creating admired and rated weight gain videos, including costumes, settings, sound and lighting.

Website discussion

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What do you like about this website? Suggestions for improvements and new features.